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Our products and services are geared towards payment services and cards business . Our clients belong mainly to the banking sector. However service companies, merchants and consultants will find solutions to their requirements with the help of our applications and services .

With our practical experience of banking and payments, we define targeted and operational products and services that cover the control of the cards activity and the security of payments.

These applications are fully developed by us so we are able to provide full support . They can be customized and adapted to the context and practices of the client.

Today, we understand the challenge covering quality, price and flexibility, so that our clients appreciate our offers and our commitment.

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BlueTower provides you with the skills and expertise to offer the best and must suited solutions for your needs.


BlueTower can help you customizing applications to adapt software to your environment.


BlueTower stands by you and accompanies you throughout the full direction of the project to ensure its complete success and beyond.

About us

Founded in 2013, bringing together expertises in computing, electronic banking and security, we are software developpers and solutions integrators.

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Our Products

  • MCA: PCI-DSS Self-Assessment application for merchants
  • eGATE: Gap analysis with standard PCI-DSS
  • iCAMA: Electronic cards-business monitoring applications for international banking networks

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Our Services, by

Marcel RICHARD, business analyst
Bruno BENDAOUD, IT consultant

    There is a complete follow-up for your project from start to golive.    

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