PCI-DSS Gap Analysis Tool Enhancement

eGate: eGATE application provides a group or a compagny the capability :
  • to list the gaps to be adressed to achieve compliance,
  • to build a remediation plan that can be presented to the network and the acquierer,
  • to report a global view at a group level and the PCI-DSS compliance status of each subsidiary of a group.
Major functions:
  • provides the user with 290 questions to diagnose the 12 conditions of the PCI-DSS compliance ,
  • real-time calculation of the level of compliance,
  • generating a summary report,
  • provide gap's list to cover in order to reach 100 % compliance,
  • six hierarchal level of entities in a single group ( region , country, subsidiary, branches, .... ) of consolidation and monitoring.
Other information:
  • Management of historical data.
  • User's wrights and roles managed at the head office level,
  • Customizable Jaspersoft reporting,
  • Web application : technical architecture in-house or hosted

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