PCI -DSS : Secure card's data in 12 rules

The french security group CLUSIF published a document regarding PCI-DSS, the international standard that sets the rules for the protection of credit card data , including banks, merchants and e-commerce sites .

The CLUSIF has published on its website a technical file about the standard that law in the world of electronic money transactions : the PCI -DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard). Created in 2004, this international standard became mandatory for all players responsible for transactions by card . I.e banks and also merchant sites hosting platform for online payment .

Experts participated in the development of this issue . Capgemini, Hervé Schauer Consultants, BT Services , Verizon Business .... In early 2009, the majority of French banking players have spoken favorably about the adoption of this safety standard. The presentation by CLUSIF aims to give an educational minimum and an overview of the standard. This is based not only on theoretical principles identified through 12 regulations, but also on feedback from companies already involved. This provides a view of the life cycle of the standard and its implementation.