Electronic cards-business monitoring application.

ECAMA overview

eCama: Cards business monitoring tool in an international network to be used by banks groups and their subsidiaries.
Major functions: This application provides various monitoring and management modules within cards business area :
  • Commercial activity Market shares
  • Collection and statistical analysis of frauds Profitability assessment : cards, ATMs and acquiring merchants
  • Quality Subsidiaries PCI DSS compliance level
  • Business objectives definition and monitoring
Other information:
  • Data consolidated in real time at the banking group level, geographic areas and subsidiaries level Business performance, risk, and profitability status of subsidiaries.
  • Users rights and roles management according to the modules, the hierarchy, ....
  • Languages : The software presents the interface in the user language (French, English, Russian, Italian, Spanish, ......)
  • Reporting ad-hoc customizable Application managers training
  • Commissioning help to set up call center Technical architectures : in-house or hosted
  • Project support up to golive

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